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Foreign trade clerk: 2
The job requirements:Job requirements:
1, age 22 to 33 years old, college degree or above, good communication ability, independent problem solving ability, analysis ability;
2, extrovert, optimistic and positive, can develop foreign customers independently;
3. Familiar with DVD player, PORTABLE DVD PLAYER, Bluetooth sound box, DVB and other electronic industries.
4, two years of foreign trade business experience, familiar with the operation and development of overseas market customers priority;
5, have responsibility, dedication, hard work, can bear greater pressure, strong sense of team, strong self - management consciousness;
6, treatment negotiable.

Business merchandiser: 2
The job requirements:
1, tracking the production of each order and transferring the goods to the customers smoothly, and reclaim the amount to be recovered.
2, keep in touch with new and old customers to increase communication and understand the needs of customers.
3, receive the customer's complaint information, and transfer the relevant information to the relevant department of the company.
4. To master and understand the market information and to develop new tourist sources.
5, do a good job after service.

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