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What are the taxonomy of the set-top boxes?

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The set-top box only includes the set top box of digital equipment. According to the standard, it can be divided into digital satellite set top box (DVB-S), European standard digital ground top box (DVB-T), national standard digital ground top box (DTMB), and cable TV set top box (DVB-C). According to the function, it can be divided into one way set-top box, two-way set-top box and IPTV set-top box.
The selection of the chip is different, the hardware platform is different, the other equipment and interface are different, which makes up a variety of STB. For example, in STB, with modem or network card, a set top box with two way functions is constituted, and hard disk constitutes a PVR:Personal Video Recorder. Of course, all these require the set-top boxes of software. On the same hardware platform, the set-top boxes can be made up of different applications through the presence of different software, and the diversity of STB meets the needs of different levels.
TV in one machine:
At present, most of the set top boxes used in China belong to basic categories. They can receive digital TV programs, or provide some applications such as e-government services. With the development of digital TV technology, new TV sets with digital decoding function have come out.
Machine card separation:
The machine card separation and integration machine is almost a natural pair. The large-scale manufacture of televisions not only improves the reliability of products, but also reduces the cost of production. The foundation of mass manufacturing is the consistency of the products produced, which is manifested not only in hardware but also in software. The difference in software makes it impossible for manufacturers to produce set-top boxes as large as the production of TV sets. So the realization of scale manufacturing, CA is the first problem to be solved.
The meaning of machine card separation technology is that the receiver of digital TV has nothing to do with CA smart card and its software (card). They connect through an interface product (big card or CAM card), and TV and STB reserve this universal interface. Before inserting the CA smart card, all the TV and STB's software and hardware are the same. The smart card must first insert into the CAM card that is suitable for it to plug into the TV or set top box, and solve the corresponding programs. Although the user access cost is increased due to the use of CAM card on the surface, the cost of using and manufacturing is reduced due to the shackles of CA, which eventually leads to the reduction of user access cost.
Interactive STB:
Although one may replace the popularity of STB, but in the development of digital TV, due to business expansion, STB software will continue to improve, especially in the interactive field, with the improvement and application of middleware, STB has become a cheap hardware platform, which can be replaced by different software to achieve a variety of applications. For operators, interactive applications have huge commercial interests and are the most important source of profit in the future. The use of interactive STB can help achieve this goal. Interactive STB also represents the highest level of set-top box technology development, and has a very huge space for development.
Add storage devices in STB to store their favorite programs, and this STB is PVR. Although PVR STB has not yet formed a market in China, the annual growth of millions of sales abroad indicates the huge market in the future, and this demand will increase with time.
Double decode:
The double decode STB is a double decoder chip in one STB, or more than two decoding circuits in one chip, and two demodulator, so that one STB can output two different programs, and the cost of STB is increased by 30% to 50%. The emergence of this new product is undoubtedly a blessing to those who own more than two televisions. Of course, it is not good news for those operators who wish to purchase more than two STB and pay two or more of the program fees.
DVB and IP:
The rapid development of IP technology has brought great threat to digital TV, but in the short term, the cost of the network can only coexist between the two and can not be replaced. Transmission channels, because they can not meet the streaming media and other services, so it is not completely a combination of DVB and IP as one STB. With the introduction and improvement of MPEG-II and MPEG-IV with double decoding chip, a set of DVB and IP in one of the end products will become a member of the family, it is connected with the display computer and other intelligent devices, family, family to meet information needs.

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