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Is there a screen function for the network player?

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The function of the screen is one of the most important functions of the network player
Nowadays, the technology of turn over screen includes DLNA, AirPlay, Miracast and some private turn to screen protocols. The function of rotating screen has wide application prospects in family entertainment, business office and other fields.
DLNA: the full name Digital Living Network Alliance, SONY, Intel, Microsoft, Google and so on were founded to solve the interoperability of intelligent devices, enabling digital media documents to be transmitted and shared among different devices at will.
Shenzhen Sen Johnson Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in digital audio and video products, such as electronic products DVD, DVB, Bluetooth sound box, TV set-top box, DVD and so on.
AirPlay: it is a wireless sharing protocol developed by the Apple Corp, which can easily transmit documents between different iOS devices through AirPlay technology.
Miracast: wireless transmission protocol is initiated by Wi-Fi Alliance, Miracast intelligent mobile phone users can browse the photos to the big screen TV, laptop screen real-time sharing through the conference room projector, or watch the live broadcast home network player in the tablet computer.

Many companies are in the development of the web player turn screen function, good turn screen experience not only needs the support of hardware, application software, mobile phone terminal and network player and smart TV terminal support, ShowKey is the establishment of rotary screen device industry and the first brand. ShowKey is like a magic open smart TV function keys inserted into any one with HDMI interface TV or projector screen terminal, 3 simple steps to direct, ordinary HD TV home easily into high-definition smart TV; like a screen to open the master key, can put the mobile phone (regardless of the Android system apple or IOS system) on the video, photos, music playback screen to the TV screen via WIFI or AP mode to screen, mobile phone screen at the same time in normal telephone to send SMS and entertainment functions are not affected. You can also use the remote control or MINI USB mouse remote control, so that you watch TV at home to enjoy "unlimited control". At the same time, ShowKey also has "rich connotation". The content and resources of film and television are open to crawl, rich in content and updated fastest, which is basically in line with the current Internet or theater consultation.

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